Crafting the clogs

Making the clog bottomes (soles)

Firstly the logs are sawn up into planks then an important process starts, the drying of the wood. For newly sawn wood the drying process can take a few months. The moisture content is reduced to around 11-12% to ensure stability of shape after machining. The planks are then cut up to different lengths according to the size of the bottom then milled to form into the shape of our Maguba bottoms.

crafting the clog bottoms

Making the clog uppers

The leather hides are first inspected before we click out the uppers. Each model and size has its own die to give the best possible fit for the clogs.

Cutting the clog uppers

After clicking, the uppersĀ go to the stitching deparment where the clog uppers are stitched and have straps and buckles attached.

Stitching the Clog uppers

Putting together the clogs

Before nailing the clogs, the wooden bottoms are died into brown or black if necessary.

Innocent clogs about to get nailed

The clog cobbler then nails together the upper and the wooden bottom.

Clogs getting nailed

The clogs are then lasted. The last is put in while the leather is moist and flexible.

Lasting the clogs

The clogs are then checked again before entering a drying room. Once dry the clogs are put to cool down and then we remove the lasts.

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