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Every pair plants a tree

We care for the planet

We take care of your feet by using natural materials to make our clogs. But did you know that we take care of nature, too?

Because all of our soles are made out of wood, we decided to take part in the WeForest project and to plant a new tree whenever you buy a pair of our clogs online!

What this means is that after you purchase any of Maguba boots, sandals or clogs, we are giving life to one tree in the Luanshya district in Zambia.

We practice sustainability

We use simple and natural materials: wood and leather, to produce comfortable clogs and sandals, which are as kind to your feet as they are kind to our planet.

Maguba shoes are made to last several seasons. We believe in a “less is more” philosophy when we talk about fashion. Less buying, more wearing, and always staying true to one's own style no matter the fashion trends.

Also, we do our best to stay conscious and responsible in our overall production process from sourcing materials to the transportation of our shoes. That’s why we joined forces with the WeForest organization, hoping to go one step greener in our mission.

Fighting global warming by planting trees around the world

WeForest is an organization that is fighting global warming by planting trees around the world, empowering communities to sustainably advance and implement innovative, high standard, scalable and lasting solutions to restore forest landscapes.

Since 2015, 1.735.439 trees have already been planted, restoring a forest size of 2025 football fields.

The local farmers, including female farmers, learn to make cuttings, take care of saplings and plant trees on their own land allowing them to be completely independent. In total, 500 farms are engaged, and 500 families are benefitting.

The goal is to successfully transform 620.000 acres of forest landscape by 2021, by restoring 12.000 acres of forests (with an estimate of 25 million trees) demonstrating best practices in different ecosystems and leading to the adoption of an international standard.