Our high heel clogs are handmade in our factory with respect for our staff and the environment. Swedish design and customised clog sandals combined with production methods and materials, which have been demonstrated over the decades to be kind to nature and people.

We use simple and natural materials: wood and leather, to produce comfortable Swedish clog styles and wooden clog sandals, which are kind to your feet and durable. Playful, sustainable & handmade.

Valencia Clog Sandal Powder Pink
Valencia Clog Sandal Powder PinkClog sandal in powder pink leather
$ 149.00
Chicago Clogs Sky Blue
Chicago Clogs Sky BlueChicago in sky blue suede
$ 149.00
Bologna Black
Bologna BlackClog sandal in black leather
$ 149.00
Honolulu Clogs Light Grey
Honolulu Clogs Light GreyClogs in Light Grey
$ 149.00
Barcelona Nude
Barcelona NudeBarcelona Clog Sandal in Nude
$ 149.00
Stockholm Black
Stockholm BlackClassic clogs in black leather
$ 149.00
Rio Nude
Rio NudeClog sandal in Nude
$ 149.00
Rio Clog Sandal Black
Rio Clog Sandal BlackClog sandal in black leather
$ 149.00
Stockholm Baby Blue
Stockholm Baby BlueClassic clogs in baby blue
$ 109.00
$ 149.00
Barcelona Blue
Barcelona BlueBarcelona Clog Sandal in Blue
$ 119.00
$ 149.00
Bologna Red Polka
Bologna Red PolkaClog sandal in red dolka dots
$ 149.00
Bologna Pink Minidots
Bologna Pink MinidotsClog sandal in Pink Minidots
$ 149.00
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